Wednesday, August 4, 2010

My first blog... I know I am late to the party.

So I know my link is I don't really hate it. That was the result of having all my other genius names rejected by the availability monitor. Also I think I need glasses. I had to retype the funky security word in the box at least 10 times before it passed. In order to see it I had to bring the computer within 6 inches of my face. This is bad people. I am getting old. I am in my mid thirties. Grasping to my mid thirties as I am actually 36 which makes me slightly closer to 40. I also just had a baby. This makes me an older than average new mom, especially here in Prescott, Arizona. I couldn't understand why people kept asking me when I was going to have more children. Can't they see that I am not 26? Then I went to Target on a Saturday and witnessed the parking of SUV's and stampede of little feet. Having children is the thing to do here. Wow big families, actual families, not the money saving "we should have at least one child" Los Angeles family of 3. So I think those people got that I am old but were just trying to be nice. I appreciate them now. This is the place I am going to vent a lot of my odd thinking so that my friends can quit avoiding my phone calls or scheduling me when they know they have 30 minutes to kill. (like on the drive home from work) I am on to you ladies.

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